Wild Weather

We're settling in around here, waiting for Round 2 of wild weather.  Round 1 hit some places hard, but my neighborhood was lucky.  So many pictures online of houses hiding under downed trees, smashed cars, power lines dangling.  So what do you do when you're waiting for the rain and wind and maybe hail and … Continue reading Wild Weather



I don't like the mall or the mall area.  I know that lots of people enjoy going to the mall and the mall area to shop and love going to the restaurants that ring (literally) the mall, but I don't.  For me, it all lacks individuality.  I could be anywhere in America.  I think that's … Continue reading Malls


So I'm making an attempt at keeping Quickbooks for Chattanooga Sidewalk Tours.  Why is it that when I read accounting instructions, my brain turns off?  It's like that with numbers.  Words I like, numbers not so much.  Or they don't make as much sense to me, even though they're much more precise than words.  Or … Continue reading Accounting