Huddle House Mini-Awakening

So I've been staying up too late and keeping odd hours and am a little off kilter.  Though I'm exhausted, I woke up early today even though I don't have an appointment until this afternoon.  After being up about an hour, I took a nap and woke up (again) with a Huddle House craving.  I … Continue reading Huddle House Mini-Awakening

Two steps forward. . . .

. . . . one step back.  I'm trying to let go of expectations and live in the present.  But so far I can only do that some of the time and not all of the time.  The present is so much more spacious than the past or future.  The past can't be changed and … Continue reading Two steps forward. . . .

No topic

I'm having a nice break today from my brain trying to figure everything out.  I met a friend at Rembrandt's for lunch, and we talked for hours.  About all kinds of things, but not trying to figure it all out, just floating from topic to topic, impression to impression, with a a few silences when … Continue reading No topic