Recovery after a major illness or trauma is an uneven affair.  At least for me it has been.  Though I've been feeling better and better since April, I'm still not back to pre-cancer and pre-cancer treatment energy levels.  But last Saturday felt like a big step in that direction.  That morning, one of bright sun … Continue reading Recovering

Still processing

This seems to be a time in my life for processing - the breast cancer journey, bringing Sahkanaga home, my life in general.  Processing always takes me a long time.  I suppose ultimately it takes a lifetime. I'll begin with Sahkanaga.  The movie did very well in Chattanooga.  Last weekend it played to a pretty … Continue reading Still processing

Currents and art

I'm finding interesting currents surrounding the opening of Sahkanaga in Chattanooga tomorrow. Local news outlets are, of course, running pieces on the movie's arrival "back home," but what I find unexpected is Atlanta coverage.  On Tuesday, both an Atlanta news television station and the Atlanta newspaper interviewed John Summerour, the writer/director/producer.  Their interest focused on … Continue reading Currents and art