When Victimhood Feels Good

Sometimes I really enjoy righteous indignation and hurt feelings.   I'm not proud to say that. But sometimes I do. I can actually enjoy the feeling that I've been wronged.  I can roll it around in my mouth and savor it, enjoy the bitterness as I swallow it, enjoy the closing down of my heart, enjoy … Continue reading When Victimhood Feels Good

‘Tis the Time for Resurrection

Spring.  Easter. Everything is greening and growing.  Flowers bloom, bees sip clover, lawnmowers drone. This is the time of year for resurrection. I typically like resurrection.  I like new life.  I like hope fulfilled.  I like the idea of being raised again. But I don't like the fact that it's preceded by death. Because death … Continue reading ‘Tis the Time for Resurrection